Work In The Suburbs? Here Are Some Tips To Lose Weight

Work In The Suburbs? Here Are Some Tips To Lose Weight

Are you living in the suburbs? Most probably, you are enjoying the fresh air and lesser crowd. But did you know that rural dwellers have the tendency to become fatter compared to their counterparts in the city? A University of Kansas study has found that suburban living can contribute to obesity.

It is found that the type of diet, usually more on meat and sweets, and limited access to exercise venues are contributory factors why suburban lifestyle can lead to gain weight. The inactive way of life is caused by destinations and facilities that are few and far in between, or what is called as the suburban sprawl. How can you avoid developing the bulges if you live in the rural areas? So if you want a hot body, even while living in the suburbs, try at least a couple of the below tips.

1. Join a local club or group. It is always motivating and encouraging if you do things together with friends or like-minded individuals. There must be a runner’s society, a biking club, or a weight loss center in your area. If none, organize a group who share the same active interests with you.

2. Do a lot of outdoor activities. Take advantage of the terrain in your area. If there’s a mountain or hill somewhere, organize a hike or a camping adventure. If you live near a body of water, go into swimming, kayaking, canoeing or other activities. Use your environment to your benefit when it comes to losing weight.

3. Exercise in a nearby park or school. If there are no gyms within your vicinity, you can head to the nearest school or park where you can utilize their facilities. Play basketball or tennis in their courts.

4. Consume healthy local food. Find a community garden or initiate one in your neighborhood. Know the local produce and come up with your own recipe on how to include them in your diet. Go for establishments that are into slow food cooking instead of fast food eateries.

5. Bike to your workplace or destination. Is your place of work a bit far? Do you need to drive going to the supermarket? Why not bike your way there? That way, you burn extra calories and exercise certain muscle groups in your body.