Top Apps For A Healthier You

Top Apps For A Healthier You

Nowadays, all you have to do to answer your queries or to guide you in your day-to-day needs is to only open your smart phone and you already obtain whatever information you require. There are millions of applications to choose from that can aid you in budgeting, travels, cooking, language, health and several other topics available.

If you want to look hot and fab, you will find different fitness-related phone applications that will help you achieve the form you’ve been wanting for so long. But if all else fails and you still have that slight bulge you want to hide, there are also photo editing apps that can help enhance your image in the selfies you take and reveal a more stunning version of yourself.

Health & Fitness Apps To Make You Look Fab

  • Hot5 Fitness – Perform various exercises like yoga, core and other fitness activities with a step-by-step guide that will help you at every level.
  • Pact – This will challenge you to fulfill your workout duties through wagering. You will lose money if you don’t but you will earn if you do your exercises.
  • Lose It! – Monitor your calorie intake and exercise activities with this app.
  • The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout – No time to go to the gym? With just a chair and a few minutes, this app will guide you to work out your body at an intensity that you can endure.

Photo Enhancing Apps That Can Improve How You Look

  • Perfect 365 – You can add make-up or retouch your photos with this fabulous application. Enlarge your eyes or change the shade of your lipstick with just a few touches.
  • More Beaute – Reveal a flawless you through More Beaute. It can smoothen away your wrinkles and take out freckles and discolorations on your skin.
  • Beauty Plus – This is your equivalent to Botox, minus the chemicals and the cost. You can make yourself a little thinner or erase the acne on your face.
  • FaceTune – Forget about improbable airbrushing and edit your photos subtly without appearing unnatural. With only a number of clicks on your phone, it can whiten your teeth or take away that pimple you’ve been trying hard to hide.